Friday, June 12, 2009

Quiet day

It's been a quiet day. Mom looked so comfy that we were envious!

We managed to get some rest this afternoon, in order to be ready for more music and song tonight.

Mom is fading, but she's still very comfy and peaceful. She has some phlegm which we are treating with the medicine given by Hospis. We also have a suction pump on standby in case it gets really bad, but we will try our best not to use that.

We've been giving mom her medicines and changing her position every few hours. Her blood circulation is still pretty good, so she's warm all over. Strong willed indeed. We gave her a manicure and pedicure just now :)

Her haematologist Dr Puru made a special trip to see mom today, and it was such a good thing. I think the dr needed to see that mom was comfy. All the time that mom was in Pantai, Dr. Puru would anxiously call me and the Pantai doctors to keep track of mom's condition. Now she too can have closure.

Please help us to pass the word around. Mom has touched so many people and we can't keep track of them all.

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