Friday, June 5, 2009

Mom is stable but unhappy :(

Dr Ridzwan suspected that mom's seizure happened because her 'anti-seizure' medicine Epilim was not being digested through her leaking stomach. Mom has been taking Epilim ever since she had the stroke in 2002, and she has a history of brain sensitivity. Epilim is also a mood stabliser. So no wonder she was emotional and confused on Tuesday!

He immedately changed it to intravenous Epilim. I called in Mom's neurologist Dr Lee Moon Keen. She came very quickly and was happy with Dr. Ridzwan had done.

Meanwhile, we are still anxiously waiting to know what the Gasteroenterologist Dr Mahendra is going to do about her stomach! It can be very hard trying to get a doctor'a attention when you are in hospital!

He finally came to see mom in ICU at about 1pm. After x-rays and ultrasound which took the whole afternoon, at about 8pm, the diagnosis is that mom has some infection somewhere. Don't know where, which organ. Suspect it is the gall bladder. Her kidneys also look blocked or congested - maybe something there too. They will do a CT Scan today. Meanwhile, start her on a new antibiotic Ciprobay.

Mom's pulse and bp were very high when she had the seizure. It came down slightly and was still slowly coming back down to normal when we left her last night.

She's still in some pain, and is being given painkiller twice a day. They don't want to give her too much as tey need her to tell them where she is feeling pain. Too much painkiller will mask the infection.

Dr Ravi, the lung dr came as well. They did a sputum test yesterday and it showed that the two serious bugs from her vomit episode had been cleared. She now has a new bug, but thank God it can be treated with the same antibiotic that Dr Mahendra prescribed. So it'll be a two in one cure :)

Sigh... it is one thing after another. I suppose, we can be grateful that it is not ALL at the same time!

Mom doesn't look happy at all. She looks at us but isn't talking. She just keeps shaking her head in frustration. When we tell her she's going to be ok, she just looks away and shakes her head. When we are there, she grips our hand very hard. We wanted her to be transferred back to her room in the ward last night so that we can be there with her, but Dr. Rajbans wanted to play it safe and keep her in ICU.

Mom really needs emotional support and love now. The ICU has been turning a blind eye to our presence and did not chase us out. I really hope mom is well enough to move back into her room. Then we can freely be with her.

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