Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peaceful Night

Mom had a very peaceful night, and so far today has been nice and quiet too. Her breathing is less noisy, her kidneys are slowing down, everything is slowly shutting down, but she is at peace. She's still responsive to our voices and what we say to her.

I told her I'm busy arranging her church service and wake, so she must tell me what she wants. You know how she likes to be in charge of organising every sngle detail right? So I knew she would want to have her say. I told her to tell it to my heart and I will be able to know what she wants.

And then, of course, she sent me a very clear message. Mike and Dad were very happy to hear it, and I'm now trying to arrange it. Will publish the info once we get approval.

If you'd like to come and say goodbye, this is the best time. She's at home, at peace.

Last night, we sang to her, and she gave her half smile and gripped my niece's hand very tightly. Maybe she wanted us to stop!!! Hahaha... She is still aware and this is the best time to express our love and appreciation to her.

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