Saturday, June 6, 2009


Endoscope shows duodenum is completely blocked. Something outside is pressing in on the passage and has completely closed it off. This is why the food cannot pass through at all, and comes out through stomach.

They took tissue sample for biopsy - but there's not much point cos this is a sample from inside. It won't tell us what is outside.

There are two possibilities : inflammation from pacreatitis or cancer infiltration. If inflammation, the antibiotic will clear it up. If it doesn't clear up in a few days, it's probably cancer.

When we brought mom back to her room, she started having stomach pain. Bad pain. It comes in spasm like some kind of cramps. At 1pm, we gave Trammadol painkiller. At 2.30 we asked for another one. Dr gave Pethidine. Mom rested better. Although mildly sedated and sleeping, she still jerks and starts gripping her stomach. She's defnitely not comfortable.

At about 5 or 6 pm, the doctors came and I asked them point blank if they thought is was more likely cancer or inflammation. They said inflammation would not cause so much pain. And the pain is increasing even though mom is just resting.

So now, the best thing for mom is to start pain management. She's still getting all the antibiotics and other medicines but the most important thing is to keep her comfortable. The doctors sadly warned us that her condition is declining. She is much weaker now than when she miraculously came off the ventilator.

They started giving mom morphine. Just a small dose of 0.5mg. So she's resting much better now. I spoke to her and she opened her eyes to look at me for a few minutes, then she went back to sleep. She's aware but just not talking.

I'm meeting with the Hospis people on Monday to work out the best plan for mom. I think she'll want to go home. She's had enough. Her eyes and her expression clearly says so.

May God bless her and grant her with comfort and peace. May the rest of her time with us pass with grace and ease, and may every moment be an experience of peace, love and joy.

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