Saturday, June 6, 2009


Mom was transferred back to her room in the ward yesterday. The CT Scan showed that there is a mass of something causing intestines to narrow. That's why the food gets trapped in stomach and spills out through the tube. I don't know why the earlier x-rays didn't show this!

The next step is to find out what this mass is. It could be cancer or it could be inflammation. The doctors will do an endoscope and biopsy today to find out.

Meanwhile, mom is getting fed intravenously. It's quite amazing : a soya bean oil compound is being dripped directly into her veins! This should give her a bit of strength.

She's weak and on painkillers so she is sleeping most of the time. She looks better than when she was in ICU.

The horrible thing is that everytime she comes out of ICU, she sustains some injury. This time, it is a huge sore on her buttocks. It looks like they scrapped off a 4cm patch of skin! Even the ward nurse was shocked. She took a photo on her handphone and lodged a complaint to the ICU supervisor.

Mom will be sedated during the endoscope, and there's some risk so pray for all to go well.

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