Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mom's Henry Dunant Award

I received this from Jaya Maruthan :
Hi Janet, I thought you should know this...En. Hisham, SecGen and I attended the RC/RC Statutory Meetings in Nairobi recently. During the Henry Dunant Medal award presentation ceremony on the first day of the Council of Delegates Meeting, the Movement honoured your dearest mom, the late Datuk Ruby Lee as one of the aw...ard receipients for 2009.

En. Hisham represented the Malaysian Red Crescent up stage while Datin's tribute was read out.
A photo of her flashed over a huge screen decorated the hall while honouring her. It actually gave me the impression that she was watching everything that was happening that evening..

A one minute silence was observed and a standing ovation followed this to pay respect for her selfless contibution to humanity and in particular the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. We were overwhelmed by emotions as we missed her very much...May her soul rest in peace.

Thanks Jaya and En Hisham. I'm really very glad that mom was able to accept the award in person in March this year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mom's Birthday is coming soon

Mom was born on 21st January. Dad and I have decided that we will honour that day with a memorial gathering. The day she came to us is just as important as the day she left us.