Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mom has gracefully taken the hand of God.

It was a day filled with laughter. We had said everything we needed to say to her, and we had heard her 'speak' to us as well. All was forgiven, all love was freely expressed without restraint. That was yesterday.

So today, we just sat in her room, played music and made jokes.

I think that's why she decided that it is ok to leave us. She waited until we were ready. All of us were at home.

When she took her last few breaths, we were all by her side. As her heart gradually stopped beating, she was surrounded by loving kisses and tender touches. She gracefully departed with angels by her side, taking the hand of God.

What a beautiful, graceful passing. She left us with one final beautiful memory. So typical of her. Every gesture is made with deep love and consideration. That's mom.


  1. Ruby, your unconditional love to the society will for sure be remembered. God is by your side now, enjoy HIS companionship.

    Janet, live is great with Ruby and will be greater for all of us co-celebrate all her selfless contributions.

    Take care and warmest regards to your dad too, rest well too.

    holee & family

  2. Thank you for generously sharing this part of your family's journey with your Mom. A truly strong, giving & loving woman.

    She will continue to live on through all of you, her amazing work & through the lives of all who have had the blessing of meeting & being with her. A life well lived, indeed. God Bless!


  3. Dear Janet,

    Your mum was a shining light for humanity.
    We are so sorry to hear of her passing.
    Many of us mourn with you.
    Her dedication for the cause was exceptional.
    Her service to society, immeasurable.
    She will be dearly missed.

    Our sincere condolences.

    Steve de Souza

  4. Dear Janet,

    Deeply condolences.
    Take good care of your self as well!


  5. Dear Janet, I never had the honour of meeting your mother, but from what I've read thus far, she was most definitely an amazing person. I pray for her peace and for your whole family to always have peace in your hearts and lives.

    My deepest condolences.


  6. Dear Janet ,

    my deepest condolences.
    take care ..