Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mom is home.

Sorry, not able to access blogspot for past 24 hours, and a lot has happened!

This morning, mom's vitals started slowing down and her oxygen absorption dropped a lot. Her condition is deteriorating. I asked the dr if she could possibly hold on until tomorrow (Thursday) to go home, and he said we'd better bring her home today. The faster, the better.

We immediately called LifeLink to supply home nurses and equipment. Mom needs A LOT of things to sustain her in comfort. Morphine in syringe pump, 10 litres of oxygen! and a long list of IV medications.

Finally, to cut a long and incredibly stressful story short - we brought mom home at about 4pm. It took another hour or two to settle her down and run through all her medicines. Meanwhile, hoards of visitors came but respectfully waited outside while we settled mom in. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

It's amazing how much we all accomplished today. While Wati, Bena, cousin David Cheah and I were at the hospital with mom, Dad, Mike and Sonny went and confirmed a beautiful crematorium and memoorial garden to place mom's urn. Apparently, the place was so beautiful and restful that Dad also bought one for himself, and Mike bought the one next to them. So all settled.

Mom's ok. Tired out from the journey home and resting. Thank God we didn't wait. She would be probably be even weaker tomorrow.

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