Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another dawn

Mom's done it again. The dr said that when her extremeties start getting cold, her body will be in the final stages of shut down.

At about 11.30pm last night, her toes and fingertips became icy cold, even under the blankets. So dad gathered us around mom and we said our goodbyes. Compared to the previous night, mom looked so much more comfortable and at peace. Her breathing was much easier, her beautiful face was serene and looking content.

We went to sleep at about 2 - 3 am. Mom's breathing was so faint that I couldn't even hear it, although I was next to her holding her hand. It was so peaceful and easy compared to the previous night's strain.

I fell sound asleep, expecting her to slip away too. When we checked on her at 5 something, her extremeties were warm!
We said let's leave her to go in her own sweet time. We went back to sleep and at daybreak, mom was still the same. Another dawn, another few hours to appreciate this remarkable woman who keeps defying the doctors. As Mike put it "She surprised us again."

She's getting herself ready. We've done everything and will continue to be with her. Now it's for her to get herself ready, in her own time and with God's gentle guidance.

Every additional hour is a bonus opportunity to cherish her, love her and pray with her.

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