Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mom had a seizure!

What a day! To begin with, Mom had a confused state of mind, she's talking a lot but not making sense. She is sometimes very alert and aware of her surroundings, and sometimes she is not.

Her PEG stomach tube is still leaking. Dr said to stop the feed again. Waited whole morning for the gastroenterologist Dr. Mahendra Raj to come and see her, but he only turned up at 3.40pm. Fortunately, her tube was still leaking and the dr could finally see it for himself. He examined mom's tummy and saw how much pain she was in. I saw his face change and he started to worry. Good! About time!

When he pressed her tummy, there didn't seem to be much pain. Only when he moved the tube itself, then she yells. The skin around the incision is all red and sore.

Dr thinks it could be either a blockage at the entrance to her intestines, or the tube has slipped out of place. He did an x-ray.

The x-ray showed neither. Tube is still where it belongs and there is no blockage.
Earlier this morning, Mom's haematologist Dr. Puru said that her thyroid problem can also cause paralysis of the intestines. This is being rectified with Euthyrox.

So, Dr Mahendra and Dr Rajbans decided to do pump feeding - this is the controlled 30ml per hour drip into her tube. Give anti-reflux medicine, and observe.

At about 8pm, mom started to have pain in her stomach. It got worse and worse until we insisted the nurse call Dr to ask for painkiller. Mom was very emotionally upset about the pain - she usually never complains but this time, it must have been really bad. She actually said it was 'unbearable' and she wants to give up.

Painkiller finally arrived at 10.05pm. About 40 minutes later, the pain seemed to subside.

Then she had a seizure. Her blood pressure, pulse and even blood sugar went way up. Nurses came, dr came, and they transferred her to ICU. All this took about 40 minutes. Just as we left her room, she started to come out of it. By the time we reached ICU, mom was awake, aware and able to respond to my questions. Thank God!

Then they gave her diazepam to completely abort the seizure and sedate her. She immediately fell into deep sleep. Sigh... what a relief.

Now we wait for tomorrow to see how she is. Hopefully the doctors will have some theories about what happened. Her confused state of mind and emotional instability must have been early signs. Pity the nurses were too busy changing shifts to come check her blood pressure. Pity she went through so much pain.

We still haven't solved the mystery of her leaking tube. Hope tomorrow will bring some answers.

Poor mom. She had one heck of a rough day today. At least now she is getting her much needed sleep.

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