Friday, May 22, 2009

Yay-Yay, Mom comes home today!

Mom is doing well, so she will be dischaged today at about lunch time.

We are so excited! Her room at home has been cleaned and Dettol-ed a dozen times already :)

Although she's not always lucid and coherent, there are spells where she is suddenly clear. These are the amazing moments we cherish. The night before last, at abt 3am, she suddenly called out "Bena, I can't sleep." Sometimes, she will ask "what time is it?" She once asked Wati "What time are you coming tomorrow?" Once in a while, when we ask her how she is, she'll reply "alright la" but most of the time, she doesn't reply.

There are also a lot of times where we cannot understand what she says. So if you come to visit, please expect that she may not respond to you. She gives me a sour look most times, but then she'll hold my hand tightly and I know she's still glad I'm there.

Ok, got to rush off now. We are compiling a long list of questions to ask the dr - trying to anticipate all the various types of emergencies that may happen, and what we should do!

Please call first if you'd like to visit mom at home. I think she should be settled in and rested enough to receive visitors from Saturday evening onwards. Our home tel is 7956 6526.

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  1. This is realy Great !!!
    Welcome Come Ruby !!!