Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please pray for mom

Mom was doing better on Sunday, until about 7pm when she developed slight fever. It came down with Panadol.

The whole day on Monday, she was doing much better. Wide awake and watching TV. Well rested. No fever, just blood pressure is a bit high : 184 / 80.

In the evening, the blood pressure was stil high and we started to be concerned. We checked with her Dr (Dr Rajbans at Pantai) who said to just moniter her first. If her blood pressure is over 200, then only bring her in. Still no fever, still alert and responsive.

Then at about 10.30pm, her temperature went up a bit. By 11pm, it went up bit more and we gave Panadol, and decided to take her to hospital, just to be safe. Called ambulance.

About fifteen minutes later, she vomitted. Then she seemed to have difficulty breathing. The ambulance arrived and we bundled her off to Pantai.

At the A&E, the dr said her condition is critical. We were surprised. Apparently, when she vomitted, she aspirated and the vomit went into her lungs. This is cos she cannot control her throat muscles - this is why we put in the stomach tube in the first place. She cannot swallow. It goes into her lungs. The stomach tube bypasses that.

Now all the vomit and gastric juice has filled her lungs! The doctors took x-ray and saw that it was quite bad. Meanwhile, Mom is struggling for breath, and getting more and more tired. They gave antibiotics, nebuliser, steroids to minimise the acidic effect, and tried to suction out the vomit. Mom still struggling.

The best option is to put her on ventilator, and sedate her. This is the only way she can breathe. Problem is, she may lose the ability to breathe on her own. But we can worry about that later. One step at a time: The immediate thing is to ease her breathing before she goes into cardiac arrest.

Poor mom. We were sent home at about 2am. All in shock cos everything happened so fast.

Now we are praying that there will be no news from Pantai until morning. No news is good news.

Well, although her condition is critical, mom has a way of surprising us. You never know with that lady. her determination is in a league of its own. By now, she should be sedated and resting, fighting the infection and hopefully the healing has begun.

This part of her journey is now between her and God. We can only pray. May angels be with her, bringing her comfort and peace. May God be gentle with her, and may Mom's own will be done.

Bless you, Mom. May great, great Blessings be upon you.


  1. WE will be praying for her all the time.

  2. spent more one-to-one time with her, she needs her family members "being" there even she is not feeling too well now.

    she is healthy in her spirit realm, even her physical realm is kind of weak now. I can sense her being is very strong still.

    bless her with my love, peace and joy.

    ruby, you are all well and fine.

    with love,
    holee, seeteem+baby and jingyee