Friday, May 29, 2009

Still more good news :)

Mom is completely off the ventilator and breathing on her own today.

She is off sedative so she is awake. She's trying to talk to us but her voice is weak and hoarse (Darth Vader sounds like an angel compared to her right now).

This is a blessed recovery. She is a miracle! Her doctors are all jubilant!

However, she is very weak, and the doctors are very concerned about her picking up more infection.

She will be transferred to the ward later this evening. She be placed in 'isolation' room where all visitors MUST sterilise their hands and wear a mask.

Visitors are actually not encouraged right now. Please give her some time to regain her strength and alertness. She is so disoriented, she could not even remember my name! She must be wondering who is this strange person squeezing my hand and kissing me?! Hahaha :)

If you'd like to visit and comfort us, you are most welcome to come over to our home. Just call first to make sure that we are around. Or we can meet you in Starbucks at Pantai :)

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