Thursday, May 28, 2009

More good news

The lung specialist Dr Ravi ordered a CT Scan today to get a clearer picture of the condition of her lungs.

Surprise, surprise! They are not as bad as expected!

There is pneumonia, but not so much. There is infection from the aspirated vomit, but also not too bad. There wasn't much 'damage' fom the stomach acid either. In fact, the more serious issue is mom's Multiple Myeloma, not the present lung infection.

Dr Ravi also said that the machine readings show that mom's lungs are flexible and functioning well, not stiff or scarred. He's quite confident that she can survive without the ventilator. She does need an additional antibiotic though : Moxiflax... something. This is in addition to the Meronem.

Then I braced myself and asked him the big scary question : will she survive this crisis? His diplomatic answer is "Well, anyone who requires a ventilator is considered critically ill. But she can come off it tomorrow, and then you'll still have to fight the myeloma. I think her lung infection is not the most serious thing."


Oh what a huge relief. I know the multiple myeloma is serious, but we have the miracle drug Lenalidomide. Apart from the shingles, mom seems to be tolerating it well. Hopefully, once she recovers from the lung infection and is stable, we can re-start the Lenalidomide. I must get Dr. Rajbans to speak to Dr. Puru tomorrrow and plan this out.

But first, please pray that mom can cope well without the ventilator. They will remove it tomorrow morning. If she has difficulty, then they will immediately put it back on.

This is better than what we dared to hope for. Mom is a miracle. Thank you, God!
Thank you to all who have been sending prayers and love. It really makes a difference.

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