Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Lovely Boring Day

Apart from mom's stomach PEG tube springing a major leak early this morning, today was blessedly uneventful. Mom is looking better, less tired, although she hasn't been sleeping at night nor in the daytime. Maybe she had more than enough sleep in the ICU!

She's having some problem digesting her feed. Tomorrow the Dr will give some probiotics - maybe the cause is as simple as the antibiotics having wiped out all the bacteria in her stomach and intestines. I really hope so. Otherwise this may be a serious problem. She hasn't had much nourishment since she was admitted a week ago.

Her lungs are still improving. She's hardly wheezing now. This is such a miracle! They've reduced her medicine - Combivent and Mucosolvan for the lungs. She's still on antibiotics though.

As she was more alert today, we had a movie marathon : mom and I watched three (three!) Arnold Schwarzeneggar movies in a row! That's one too many... phew!

Hope she manages to get some good sleep tonight.

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