Saturday, May 2, 2009

Improving every day

Mom has been coping well with the new chemo drug for the past few days: only some mild side effects - constipation, rash and high blood sugar level.

Today's blood test shows that her kidney function has gone down slightly. So they've changed her diet to a low protein, high fibre liquid. Hopefully, this will restore her kidney function.

I has a shock this afternoon. The nurse who was helping me to change mom's diaper was sniffling. At first I thought it was just irritation. Then I asked her outright if she was having a cold, and she said yes. She wasn't wearing a mask! I told her to please put on a mask or better still, take mc and go home.

Half hour later, another nurse came in to take mom's blood sugar level. This one was coughing! When I asked her to put on a mask, she said she'll get a healthy nurse to attend to mom. What about the other patients??!!!

Nurses shouldn't be working when they are not well. It's so ironic - there posters in the lifts encouraging the use of masks to prevent spreading infection and their own nurses are abiding by it.

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