Monday, May 18, 2009

Mom's getting better :)

She slept well last night and looks much more refreshed today. Dr. Rajban says her haemoglobin is a bit low (9.2) so he'll gve a blood transfusion tonight. Her albumin level is also low, and this causes swelling and water retention.

She managed to speak up and tell the physio to stop exercising today. And she raised her right hand to shake her Dr's hand. Didn't speak to the rest of us, but she knows what's going on.

Then on Thursday, when she finishes her one month's supply of the miacle new drug Lenalidomide, he will do another blood test. If all is well, she can come home on Friday!

She was admitted on 15th April. Today is 18th May. It's about time she came home :)

Sonny has been entertaining us with his records! We started to keep our own daily records as the nurses' are not always accurate. We write down what time mom gets her feed, medicine, everything. But when Sonny is the one looking after mom, he writes comments like :
2.45 Exercise time. Went jogging.
Another time, it was "Did gymnastics"
Last Saturday, he wrote "Forgot to bring swimsuit so no swimming lesson for mom."

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