Friday, April 3, 2009

A third session of dialysis

Mom had to undergo a third dialysis yesterday (Thurs) as her kidneys are still not removing toxins yet. She has water retention and bloating in arms and legs and is not as alert or fresh as last week :(

Her PEG stomach tube is working fine, and healing fine. She's taking a low-protein food concentrate for kidney patients - Nepro.

Lung infection seems to be controlled. She gets the nebuliser three times a day to break up the phlegm in her lungs but she can't cough it out so they suction it out every few days or so. She doesn't like this at all.

I am down with flu :( so I'll be staying away from her today. Can't risk exposing her to more germs!

She hasn't been talking much and I think she's in quite a bit of discomfort with all the tubes, catheters and bloating. But she hardly complains.

The Lenalidomide should be here soon so that is something to hope for. If that can control the myeloma, hopefully, her kidneys can revive. That's the only thing keeping her in hospital now.

She slept well last night so I hope she'll be stronger today.

If you feel you must visit, please don't stay too long. She will play 'host' and struggle to stay awake while her visitors are there.

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  1. Hope she gets well soon. Here's hoping. :)

    Luv, Fiona