Monday, April 6, 2009

It's confirmed : her kidneys have revived!

Oh happy, happy Sunday!
Her blessed kidneys are processing toxins, and still producing good volume of urine even without the aid of lasix. Her water retention is starting to subside. Potassium and albumin levels have gone up to normal. It's such a wonder!

While we're all heaving huge sighs of relief, we know there is still a long journey ahead.

She still gets low-grade fever once in a while, especially if the room gets too warm. She's got sore spots from lying in bed for three weeks. And her muscles have stiffened up.

She doesn't want to talk. At first we were worried that she was losing her speech muscles. She wouldn't respond to anyone! Then she suddenly surprised us by asking about the boy who brings in the meals. Her speech was clear and perfectly normal. Glad it hasn't deteriorated :)

The next chapter is the miracle myeloma drug : Lenalidomide. It's due to arrive and I think she should be well enough now to receive it.

Mom has been moved to room C620. Still on same floor, in same Block.

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