Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Lenalidomide finally arrives

The new wonder chemo drug Lenalidomide is actually in our hands now. When I finally took hold of the little packet of 21 capsules, I felt like I was holding a miracle in my hands. Yes, this is the miracle drug we have been waiting for.

It is so new that Mom is the first patient in Malaysia to get it. That's why it took so long. Mom's haemotologist Dr. Puru and the drug distributor had to submit special applications in order to gain permission to have this drug brought in. A lot of red tape that thankfully got cleared in time.

If mom's blood counts are stable, she will start taking this today. Her lung infection has cleared. Her UTI also. The IVIG worked wonders. Now she should be ready for the next stage.

As this is a chemo drug, mom may have some side effects : immunity may drop again, there may be numbness and nausea. That's why Dr Puru has prescribed a minimal dose of only 5mg to start off with. If mom tolerates this well with no side effects, then she will increase next month's dosage to 10mg. The normal dose for a healthy adult is 20 - 25 mg so Dr Puru is really playing safe with mom.

Let's pray for the best.

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