Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mom is back in ICU :(

Last night at about 8pm, Mom developed a fever. By about 1am, after two doses of panadol, the fever subsided and she fell asleep.

Then at about 5am this morning, the fever came on quite fiercely. We immediately called the ambulance and rushed her to Pantai. An x-ray showed lung infection and her urine was dark which could be a sign of urinary tract infection.

She is now on two types of antibiotics : Diflucan and Sulperazon. Hopefully these will clear out the infection. If not, they will use Meronem, which is a very strong one.

When we brought her in, she was delirious. Then as she was moved from the A&E into the ICU, she snapped out of it and was aware. At lunchtime, when Wati and Robena went to see her, she was in deep sleep - must have been all tired out.

Sonny and I went to see her at night (Dad, Mike, Phyllis and Robena all not well) and she was much better. Not talking but she understands what is going on and is able to nod or shake her head.

They are also giving her lasix so that her kidneys are continuously being flushed out and hopefully won't shutdown.

If all goes well, they will transfer her to the ward tomorrow. Please pray for her.

Please forgive me if I do not call you personally. I am exhausted. Wati and Aunty Sweet have been helping me to make calls. If you would like sms updates, pls send me your mobile number.

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