Sunday, April 5, 2009

Body aches

Mom is complaining that her whole body aches. This is caused by the low potassium in her blood. She's getting a drip to rectify this so it should be better soon. It's a good sign that she can complain :)

Her urine level is still good, in spite of the reduced lasix. When it reaches 2 litres, they will stop the lasix completely and then her kidneys are on their own.

They're doing a blood test now to check level of toxin. Hopefully, the level is still low enough that she won't need dialysis today.

As she hasn't been talking much, we're starting to be able to read her many faces! Here are some of the more frequent ones :

• A glare, then a toss of her head and look away : "Of course I know who that is" (when we ask her about her visitors)

• A straight expressionless look, then calmly look up at TV : "I see you but the TV is more interesting" (when Dad and Sonny arrive)

• Corners of eyes droop, then lips form a slow quivering pout : "Oh, I'm so miserable, everything's not ok" (classic 'poor thing' look reserved for Janet)

She looked so much more alert and comfortable yesterday. It was such a relief to all of us. Now praying that her kidney's recovery will continue and that she'll be able to come home and start the new miracle drug for her myeloma.

Many thanks for all your blessings and prayers.

BTW - I've corrected the day and date on the blog.

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