Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Fracture?

We noticed that mom's left hand was hurting much more than usual. It has always been stiff since the stroke and whenever we stretch it out, she will complain. But yesterday, it seemed very unusually sensitive.

I suspect she could have sustained a fracture while in ICU. The ICU nurses are trained to save lives, and not worry about gentle care. The handover to the ward was very sloppy. Mom's file did not go up with her. So the nurses in the ward also did not know about her myeloma.

She has been off Thalidomide (oral chemo) for over two months. This is to prep her for the new miracle drug, Lenalidomide, which will be flying in on Monday. Meanwhile, her myeloma is untreated and could be progressing. This will cause more fractures and pain. Sigh...

They've just done an x-ray on her hand. They also did a chest x-ray to see if the lung infection is clearing up.

Mom seems very short of breath, even with oxygen. They are doing an ECG to check her heart.

She didn't sleep whole night. When I was there late last night, she was restless and edgy. Won't say why. When I ask if she is comfortable, she puts on her 'poor thing' face. This time I think it's not just manja, but she's really not comfortable.

Let's hope she gets better today.

Oh, the dr is changing her antibiotic to the stronger one :Marunem.

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