Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now's a good time to visit

If you've been thinking of visiting mom in hospital, now is probably a good time. She is fresh from dialysis and she's alert. She doesn't speak very much but she hears and understands. And once in a while, she may surprise you with one of her cheeky wisecracks ;)

If you do come, please be prepared : she looks weak and frail, and her mind wanders. She may not know who you are, or she may not say anything to you. Please don't be too disappointed by this. If you are someone close to her, you'll be able to see in her eyes how much she appreciates you.

And don't put on a sad face! This morning, her doctors were very concerned about her kidney failure and very sad that yet another complication has appeared. She asked one of them outright : Why do you look so sad? After he left, she asked me what's wrong with him?! Typical of her to worry about others!

I know people sometimes feel obliged to visit. With mom, there is no need. Come if you feel like seeing her. No need to come if you are busy. She will understand. She has constant companions around her and she can't have too many visitors anyway, it will be a strain on her.

Come with positive encouragement. Be happy to see her. Bring happy vibes :) And she may reward you with a smile!

She is Block C, Room 616, Pantai Hospital. Pls sms me first and I'll let you know when's a good time to come. It's very difficult for me to take calls when I'm with her, and when I'm in office, I'm usually in meetings. Just sms me and I'll reply promptly. Or call Dad, Mike, Phyllis, Wati or Sonny.

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  1. Sending you good wishes & love.

    We are thinking of you.