Saturday, March 28, 2009


At 10pm on Friday, mom started shivering and turned icy cold. Her blood pressure shot up to 208/85, then later came back down to 145/70 and stabilised. Gave us quite a scare! We piled blankets, sweaters on her and even used a hot pack to keep her warm. Even after they gave paracetamol, painkiller, antibiotics and nebuliser, it took such a long time for her to settle down. This lasted til 11.20pm.

By the time Dr. Rajbans, the geriatric specialist, arrived, she had finally responded to the meds and was very tired.

At 5am this morning (Saturday), shivering and fever again.

Later this morning, they did x-ray, took blood, took phlegm, to test find the damn infection so that they can prescribe relevant antibiotic.

Meanwhile, mom is getting her milk so hopefully, this will give her the strength to fight the infection. I just saw her at the hospital and she is sleeping soundly. I hope she gets good uninterrupted rest and regains her strength soon.

Pls call me first if you are planning to visit, I'll let you know when is a good time. Janet : 012-385 6435

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