Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now it's the kidneys... sigh

Mom's kidneys stopped functioning yesterday. Despite the drip and diuretics administered, she is passing only negligible amounts of urine.

The nurses were monitoring it all night, and this morning Dr Rajbans called in a Nephhrologist Dr. Tan. He came at 9.30am and immediately recommended a dialysis session to remove the toxins in her blood.

The cause of her previous nights' fever was a lung infection. The doctors think this may have shocked the kidneys or the infection may have spread. Or it may be the Multiple Myeloma taking its toll on the kidneys.

Poor mom. She's handling it so well. She is alert and aware, cooperating with the procedures. She has no fever now, sleeps well and breathes well on her own. In fact, she looks fine and sounds fine - except that she is not passing urine.

Well, the dialysis may re-start the kidneys. Let's pray for that.

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