Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mom is exercising!

The speech therapist came and taught mom some exercises. Her problem is twofold : swallowing (muscles in throat) and chewing (muscles in cheeks, mouth and tongue). Great blessing is that mom is alert enough to follow her instructions and do the exercises.

Later on in the afternoon, mom did another round of exercise. I think she REALLY wants to be able to eat again.

A Gastroenterologist came to see mom. He will be the one inserting the stomach tube or PEG on Thursday afternoon. He says it's a simple procedure - only about 20 minutes and she will be under mild sedation, same level of sedation as someone undergoing an endoscope. There will be surgeon and anaesthesist assisting. There is some risk, but very slight.

After this, she will fast for 24 hours and the nose tube will be gone, gone, gone!

She watched tv all afternoon, reading the subtitles. Then after her 6pm feed, she fell sound asleep until her 9pm feed. For a change, the family all came late so she had nice interrupted sleep.

The little bedsore on her right heel is healing well. To prevent further bedsores, Dr Ridzwan wants her to sit up in a wheelchair for 1 - 2 hours a day. She's taking this well.

Now that she's gaining strength and well-being every day, I pray that she will be strong enough to sail through the PEG minor surgery with grace and ease. Then come home and start eating! For now, eating and drinking is strictly forbidden.

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